Why Choose Borna Rasaneh?

  • Layout

    Split the screen into different areas and send the contents to any of the areas
  • press

    Ability to select custom feeds that are updated automatically each day
  • Localization features

    Salah times with the possibility of personalization, allocation of access levels for each sector to a particular person
  • Displays

    Possibility to manage the screens and monitor their latest status
  • Time schedule

    Schedule displays and send different layouts at different times
  • Library

    Archiving the contents of the system and the ability to store and search by date and format
  • Templates

    Designed in a variety of displays with different dimensions vertically or horizontally
  • Management

    Manage displays and assign access to each one, grouping, assigning a screen to a specific person

Brona Rasaneh Resume

The player is designed to be both client-side (installed on hardware) and web page and has the ability to display online for smart TVs

Catalog of Borna Rasaneh

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