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Borna Pedia (Knowledge Management)

Our purpose and our expertise are knowledge and organizational learning. We create patterns and systems that give customers the power of control and value creation from what they know – what is the knowledge that you have in your data and processes, what does the knowledge of individuals in the organization or social structures Our methods and tools bring a higher level of individual and collective intelligence to our customers

Borna Rasaneh (Digital Signage)

Borna Rasaneh Integrated notification system and electronic public relations, is a native technology for public relations and advertising in organizations, companies, hospitals, airports, shopping centers and stores, and all environments that require special information. By using Borna Rasaneh Digital Signage the traditional information model will be digitalized

Graphic design and PR services

Our services are not limited to software sales. Considering that one of the most important steps in implementing and using the Borna software is the design and production of useful content for the integrated information system, Borna’s graphic designers are ready to serve respectable customers in this regard

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