Opportunities that were of great importance to our customers :

We used this system in front of 9-story elevators at the building of the Strategic Research Center for internal information and we removed all print banners in these areas

Center for Strategic Research of the Expediency Council

Using foreign software in this center created a lot of limitations for us, including the limitation of increasing the number of displays, not broadcasting the television network, not controlling a particular area by another person, but we could have this features with Borna Rasaneh

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

The company has three main buildings in different parts of the province of Tehran, and public relations in the center of the building of Sayed Khandan did not have the necessary information to inform the other two buildings, and this geographic dispersion has created a lot of problems and costs but after using this system we were able to provide

Telecommunication Infrastructure Company

Due to the distribution of resellers throughout the country, we have been using this system to display the latest updates in the field of insurance in all of Iran

Day Insurance

The system allows us to allocate to each unit of the university, for example, public relations, deputy education, cultural affairs, academic associations can provide their information on the main display of the organization at different times

Beheshti University

The ability of automatically display the press on a daily basis as well as the display of TV channels were among the features that were of special importance to our organization

Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization

Having a stream live (one-way video conferencing and direct playback of cameras) enables us to organize seminars and important meetings simultaneously and globally throughout the organization

Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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