Our Mission:

The company utilizes the software industry to develop new information strategies to increase independence and support the work and capital of Iran, promote the culture of using the technology and domestic software and achieve sustainable growth of the national economy based on the principles of economics Resistance is being pursued and always strives to maximize customer satisfaction by relying on creative staff and the use of new technologies.

Our vision:

We are committed to being the top software company in the field of application software and service, and as a reputed company, we are leading in providing new and flexible products and services to our customers.

About Us:

Brenga Gostaran-e Danesh Engineering Company has been established in the field of computer communications and specialized software based on more than 6 years of experience and the use of talented and expert forces. The company started its activities with the aim of increasing the communication capability and institutionalization of modern communications. And now it has built up a strong technical capability and a dedicated production and expert support team with its customers.

Borna Gostaran-e Danesh Engineering Company has been awarded the necessary certification and is a knowledge-based company engaged in providing customer service in the system of recognition of companies and institutions of science and technology

Certificates of Brona Gostaran Danesh Co.

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National ID : 14005373777

Computer system number 21012218

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Membership Number :8/2060

Registered in the system with the following specifications

Name : Barna Gostaran Danesh Company

Membership code : 33755

Iran code id :2412700337550001

Our Services

Borna Pedia (Knowledge Management)

Our purpose and our expertise are knowledge and organizational learning. We create patterns and systems that give customers the power of control and value creation from what they know – what is the knowledge that you have in your data and processes, what does the knowledge of individuals in the organization or social structures Our methods and tools bring a higher level of individual and collective intelligence to our customers

Borna Rasaneh (Digital Signage)

Borna Rasaneh Integrated notification system and electronic public relations, is a native technology for public relations and advertising in organizations, companies, hospitals, airports, shopping centers and stores, and all environments that require special information. By using Borna Rasaneh Digital Signage the traditional information model will be digitalized

Graphic design and PR services

Our services are not limited to software sales. Considering that one of the most important steps in implementing and using the Borna software is the design and production of useful content for the integrated information system, Borna’s graphic designers are ready to serve respectable customers in this regard

Why Choose Borna Rasaneh?

  • Reduce operational costs and increase productivity

  • Layout

    Split the screen into different areas and send the contents to any of the areas
  • press

    Ability to select custom feeds that are updated automatically each day
  • Localization features

    Salah times with the possibility of personalization, allocation of access levels for each sector to a particular person
  • Displays

    Possibility to manage the screens and monitor their latest status
  • Time schedule

    Schedule displays and send different layouts at different times
  • Library

    Archiving the contents of the system and the ability to store and search by date and format
  • Templates

    Designed in a variety of displays with different dimensions vertically or horizontally

Brona Rasaneh Resume

The player is designed to be both client-side (installed on hardware) and web page and has the ability to display online for smart TVs

Catalog of Borna Rasaneh

Opportunities that were of great importance to our customers :

We used this system in front of 9-story elevators at the building of the Strategic Research Center for internal information and we removed all print banners in these areas

Center for Strategic Research of the Expediency Council

Using foreign software in this center created a lot of limitations for us, including the limitation of increasing the number of displays, not broadcasting the television network, not controlling a particular area by another person, but we could have this features with Borna Rasaneh

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

The company has three main buildings in different parts of the province of Tehran, and public relations in the center of the building of Sayed Khandan did not have the necessary information to inform the other two buildings, and this geographic dispersion has created a lot of problems and costs but after using this system we were able to provide

Telecommunication Infrastructure Company

Due to the distribution of resellers throughout the country, we have been using this system to display the latest updates in the field of insurance in all of Iran

Day Insurance

The system allows us to allocate to each unit of the university, for example, public relations, deputy education, cultural affairs, academic associations can provide their information on the main display of the organization at different times

Beheshti University

The ability of automatically display the press on a daily basis as well as the display of TV channels were among the features that were of special importance to our organization

Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization

Having a stream live (one-way video conferencing and direct playback of cameras) enables us to organize seminars and important meetings simultaneously and globally throughout the organization

Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Portfolio and Certificates of Borna Gostaran

The gallery below is a selection of the few works done by Brona Gostaran .

Our Customers

Customer Satisfaction and Strong Support Among the honors of Brona were the knowledge givers who, with the help of day-to-day efforts and keeping the products up to date, could not be realized due to the technology of the day and the correct recognition of the users' needs .

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